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Bentham's treatment
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Triticeae genome


This page will contain links to various kinds of reference materials. Please feel free to mail me if you have a page that you think should be linked in. Sources such as this become useful through the efforts of many. Sorry, there is no funding for developing such pages, one reason why they will develop slowly. Mary Barkworth

Citations. Papers relevant to the Triticeae that have come to my attention. It started off as a more general set of references and undoubtedly still includes some non-Triticeae references. Because my interests are systematic, almost all the papers are systematic in nature

Genome Symbols

Genomic constitution a) of Triticum, Aegilops, and Amblyopyrum and b) all others (very much in progress)

Generic lists. These will be built up VERY slowly.  Most are incomplete. The lists that have been started are linked to the generic names given below.    

Agropyron; Anthosachne; Australopyrum, Campeiostachys; Douglasdeweya; Elymus; Eremium; Festucopsis; Hordeum; Hystrix; Kengyilia; Leymus; Peridictyon; Psathyrostachys; Pseudoroegneria; Roegneria; Sitanion; Stenostachys; Teniatherum; Thinopyrum

Triticeae People (There are three files, one each for regular mail, Email, and telephone numbers. These are very out of date.