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Genomic constitution


Distinguishing features

Annual plants with tough, strap-shaped glumes 16-25 mm long.


Plants annual. Culms to 30 cm tall.

Leaf sheaths from clearly ciliate to almost glabrous; auricles prominent; blades ciliate; sheaths of the innovations connate when young.

Inflorescences spikelike, 3.5-6.5 cm long, with 6-14 nodes, bearing two spikelets; rachis internodes about 3 mm long; disarticulation below the florets.

Spikelets with 1-2 florets, the second floret rudimentary. Glumes subequal, 16-25 mm long, straplike, stiff, scabrous. Lemmas 5-8 mm long, not keeled, scabrous, awned, awn 15-22 mm long, flat. Anthers about 0.8 mm long.

Caryopsis adherent to lemma and palea.


There is only one species of Crithopsis, Crithopsis delileana (Schult.) Roshev.


From Morocco to western Afghanistan and Baluchistan, but with most collections being from the southeastern Mediterranean region.

Type species

Crithopsis delileana (Schult.) Roshev.


Frederiksen, S. 1993. Taxonomic studies in some annual genera of the Triticeae. Nordic Journal of Botany 13: 481-493.