Leymus was first described by Hochstetter in 1848 who included in it L. arenarius. It was first expanded to include many of the rhizomatous species previously included in Elymus; it has since been expanded to include both cespitose and rhizomatous species. All the species are polyploids with two different genomes. One is the Ns genome; the identity of the other(s) is not clear. \Fir a synopsis of the genus, see Yen et al. doi 10.1111/j.1759-6831.2009.00004.x. For RAPD analysis, see Yang et al. 2008 Biologica plantarum 52(2):237-241. For phylogenetic analysis, see Sha et al. (2008)10.1007/s10528-008-9175-5

  Species   2n    
1 Leymus aemulans (Nevski) Tzvelev        
2 Leymus ajanensis        
3 Leymus akmolinensis (Drob.) Tzvelev        
4 Leymus altus D.F. Cui        
5 Leymus ambiguus        
6 Leymus angustus (Trin.) Pilger        
7 Leymus arenarius (L.) Hochst.   56    
8 Leymus arjinshanicus D.F. Cui        
9 Leymus aristiglumis L.B. Cai        
10 Leymus buriaticus Peschkova        
11 Leymus californicus        
12 Leymus chakassicus Peschkova        
13 Leymus chinensis (Trin.) Tzvelev        
14 Leymus cinereus        
15 Leymus condensatus        
16 Leymus cassiusculus L.B. Cai        
17 Leymus dasystachys (Trin.) Pilger        
18 Leymus erianthus (Phil.) Dubcovsky       Name published in Genome 40:518
19 Leymus flavescens        
20 Leymus flexus L.B. Cai        
21 Leymus innovatus        
22 Leymus interior (Hulten) Tzvelev        
23 Leymus jenisseiemis(Turcz.) Tzvelev        
24 Leymus karelinii (Turcz) Tzelev   56    
25 Leymus littoralis (Griseb.) Peschkova        
26 Leymus mollis   48    
  Leymus ×multiflorus        
27 Leymus multicaulis (Kar. & Kir. ) Tzvelev        
28 Leymus ordensis Peschkova        
29 Leymus ovatus (Trin.) Tzvelev        
30 Leymus ovipodus L.B. Cai        
31 Leymus paboanus (Claus) Pilger        
32 Leymus pacificus        
33 Leymus pendulus L.B. Cai        
34 Leymus pishanicus S.L. Lu & Y.H. Wu        
35 Leymus pseudoracemosus C. Yen & J.L. Yang        
36 Leymus racemosus (Lam.) Tzvelev        
  Leymus racemosus (Lam.) Tzvelev subsp. racemosus   28    
  Leymus racemosus subsp. crassinervius (Kar. & Kir.) Tzvelev        
  Leymus racemosus subsp. klokovii Tzvelev        
  Leymus racemosus subsp. sabulosus (M. Bieb) Tzvelev   28    
37 Leymus ramosus (Trin.) Tzvelev        
38 Leymus ruoqiangensis S.L. Lu & Y.H. Wu        
39 Leymus salina        
40 Leymus secalinus (Georgi) Tzvelev        
41 Leymus shanxiensis G. Zhu & S.L. Chen        
42 Leymus simplex        
43 Leymus spacelatus Peschkova        
44 Leymus triticoides        
45 Leymus tuvinicus Peschlova        
  Leymus ×vancouverensis        
46 Leymus villosissimus (Scribn.) Tzvelev        
47 Leymus yiunensus N.R. Cui & D.F. Cui