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Important Dates In Nomenclature

01 Jan 1935 36 Must use Latin for extant vascular plants
01 Jan 1953 30.1, 30.3, 30.4 Publication in various kinds of ephemeral works is not allowed.
01 Jan 1953 32.4, 33.2 Must provide full and direct citation of basionym.
01 Jan 1953 34.2 If an author publishes two or more names simultaneously for same taxon, all are invalid
01 Jan 1953 35.1, 35.2 Must provide clear indication of rank; unranked names published earlier are valid but have no standing so far as priority is concerned.
01 Jan 1958 36.2 Names of non-fossil algae must be published in Latin.
01 Jan 1958 37.1 Must indicate the type of a new name or new combination.
01 Jan 1958 39.1 Names of new species or infraspecies of non-fossil algae must include an illustration or figure showing the distinctive features.
01 Jan 1959 28, note 2 Names of cultivars must be fancy names (lovely phrase), not resembling standard Latin epithets.
01 Jan 1973 30.3 Can no longer use seed exchange lists for publication.
01 Jan 1973 45.1 Effective date of publication is the date on which the last of the requirements was satisfied.
01 Jan 1988 14.2 Became possible to conserve names of species in the interests of stability
01 Jan 1990 9.14, 37.4, 37.5 Must specify the herbarium or institution in which type is conserved and include the word 'type' or 'holotype' in designation of type material.
01 Jan 1996 36.3 Names of fossil plants must have a Latin or English description.
01 Jan 2001 7.11 Must include the phrase "here designated" when designating a lectotype or neotype.