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Psammopyrum athericum EStP or ELP Agropyron pungens var. athericum (Link) K. Richt. ; Elytrigia atherica (Link) Kerguélen ex Carreras Martinez; Elymus athericus (Link) Kerguélen; Agropyron athericum (Link) Samp. Europe Ellneskog et al. 2001; 2003.
Thinopyrum bessarabicum (Savul. & Rayss) Á. Löve E Elymus farctus subsp. bessarabicus (Savul. & Rayss) Melderis; Agropyron junceum var. bessarabicum (Savul. & Rayss) Anghel & Morariu; Elytrigia juncea subsp. bessarabica (Savul. & Rayss) Tzvelev; Elytrigia bessarabica (Savul. & Rayss) Prokudin; Elytrigia bessarabica (Savul. & Rayss) Holub; Elytrigia bessarabica (Savul. & Rayss) Dubovik; Elymus junceus subsp. bessarabicus (Savul. & Rayss) Melderis Black Sea coast, from Bulgaria to Crimea Flora Europaea
... caespitosum - combination not made correctly        
Thinopyrum curvifolium (Lange) D.R. Dewey EE Lophopyrum curvifolium (Lange) Á. Löve ; Elymus curvifolius (Lange) Melderis; Elytrigia curvifolia (Lange) Holub South Central Spain Flora Europaea
Thinopyrum distichum (Thunb.) Á. Löve   Elymus distichus (Thunb.) Melderis; Elytrigia disticha (Thunb.) Prokudin ex Á. Löve; Agropyron distichum (Thunb.) P. Beauv. South Africa Grasses of southern Africa
"Thinopyrum elongatum" sensu D.R. Dewey E Lophopyrum elongatum (Host) Á. Löve; Agropyron elongatum (Host) P. Beauv.; Elymus elongatus (Host) Greuter; Elytrigia elongata (Host) Nevski southern France There is a problm with this name that requires significant investigation
Thinopyrum flaccidifolium (Boiss. & Heldr.) M. Moustakas   Lophopyrum flaccidifolium (Boiss. & Heldr.) Á. Löve; Agropyron elongatum var. flaccidifolium (Boiss. & Heldr.) Boiss.; Agropyrum flaccidifolium (Boiss. & Heldr.) P. Candargy; Elymus flaccidifolius (Boiss. & Heldr.) Melderis; Elymus elongatus subsp. flaccidifolius (Boiss. & Heldr.) Runemark; Agropyron flaccidifolium (Boiss. & Heldr.) P. Candargy; Elytrigia flaccidifolia (Boiss. & Heldr.) Holub Coastal marshes, Sicily eastwards around the northern Mediterranean to Turkey Flora Europaea
Psammopyrum fontqueri (Melderis) Á. Löve   Elymus fontqueri (Melderis) D. Rivera & M. Carreras; Elytrigia pungens subsp. fontqueri (Melderis) Á. Löve Spain & Portugal  
Thinopyrum gentryi (Melderis) D.R. Dewey   Elymus gentryi (Melderis) Melderis; Elytrigia intermedia subsp. gentryi (Melderis) Á. Löve; Elytrigia gentryi (Melderis) Tzvelev    
Thinopyrum intermedium (Host) Barkworth & D.R. Dewey   Agropyron glaucum var. intermedium (Host) Beck; Trichopyrum intermedium (Host) Á. Löve; Agropyron intermedium (Host) P. Beauv.; Elytrigia intermedia (Host) Nevski    
T, intermedium (Host) Barkworth & D.R. Dewey subsp. intermedium     Europe to central Russia and western Asia; widely introduced elsewhere  
T. intermedium subsp. barbulatum (Schur) Barkworth & D.R. Dewey   Agropyron glaucum subsp. barbulatum (Schur) K. Richt.; Trichopyrum intermedium subsp. barbulatum (Schur) Á. Löve; Elytrigia intermedia subsp. barbulata (Schur) Soják; Elymus hispidus subsp. barbulatus (Schur) Melderis; Elytrigia intermedia subsp. barbulata (Schur) Á. Löve; Agropyron trichophorum fo. barbulatum (Schur) Anghel & Morariu Essentially trhoughout the range of the species  
Thinopyrum junceiforme (Á. Löve & D. Löve) Á. Löve   Agropyron junceiforme (Á. Löve & D. Löve) Á. Löve & D. Löve;    
Triticum junceum L.   Braconotia juncea (L.) Godr.; Elytrigia juncea (L.) Nevski; Festuca juncea (L.) Moench; Agropyron junceum (L.) Roem. & Schult. ex Opiz Southern Europe and northern Africa, around the Mediterranean Jarvie
Thinopyrum junceum L. junceum        
Thinopyrum junceum subsp. mediterraneum (Simonet ex Guin.) Á. Löve   Elytrigia juncea subsp. mediterranea (Simonet ex Guin.) Hyl.; Elytrigia mediterranea (Simonet ex Guin.) Prokudin; Agropyron junceum var. mediterraneum (Simonet ex Guin.) Maire & Weiller    
... nodosum combination not made        
Thinopyrum podperae (Nábelek) D.R. Dewey   Elymus hispidus var. podperae (Nábelek) Assadi; Elymus hispidus subsp. podperae (Nábelek) Melderis; Elytrigia intermedia subsp. podperae (Nábelek) Á. Löve; Elytrigia podperae (Nábelek) Holub; Trichopyrum intermedium subsp. podperae (Nábelek) Á. Löve    

Elytrigia obtusiflora (DC.) Tzvelev

"Thinopyrum ponticum" sensu Barkworth & D.R. Dewey

  Elymus elongatus var. ponticus (Podp.) Dorn; Elytrigia elongata subsp. pontica (Podp.) Gamisans; Lophopyrum ponticum (Podp.) Á. Löve; Elymus elongatus subsp. ponticus (Podp.) Melderis; Elytrigia pontica (Podp.) Holub; Europe to western Asia Tsvelev pointed out that obtusifolium is an older epithet; the problem is that it is possible the epithet elongatum applies to this taxon too - in which case it would have priority over obtusiflorum but Dewey intended T. elongatum to apply to diploids found along the south coast of France. It is a mess that can only be cleaned up with careful research.
T. pungens (Pers.) Á. Löve   Triticum pungens Persoon; Agropyron pungens (Pers.) Roem. & Schult.; Elytrigia pungens (Pers.) Tutin; Triticum repens var. pungens (Pers.) Duby ; Braconotia pungens (Pers.) Godr.; Braconotia pungens (Pers.) Godr.; Agropyron repens var. pungens (Pers.) Duby ; Elytrigia pungens (Pers.) Tutin; Psammopyrum pungens (Pers.) Á. Löve; Elytrigia juncea subsp. x pungens (Pers.) Tutin   See Barkworth 1997
T. pungens (Pers.) Á. Löve subsp. pungens EStStP or EStLP   N. &C. Spain, N. Portugal Flora Europaea
T. pungens subsp. campestris (Gren. & Godr.) Á. Löve 2n = 56 Agropyron intermedium var. campestre (Gren. & Godr.) Hegi; Elytrigia pungens subsp. campestris (Gren. & Godr.) Á. Löve; Elymus pungens subsp. campestris (Gren. & Godr.) Melderis; Elymus campestris (Gren. & Godr.) Kerguélen; Elytrigia intermedia subsp. campestris (Gren. & Godr.) Dostál France to Portugal Flora Europaea
T. pungens subsp. pungens        
T. pycnanthum (Godron) Barkworth   Triticum pycnanthum Godron; Agropyron pycnanthum (Godr.) Gren. & Godr.; Elytrigia pycnantha (Godr.) Á. Löve; Elymus pycnanthus (Godr.) Melderis; Agropyron pungens var. pycnanthum (Godr.) Druce; Agropyron repens subvar. pycnanthum (Godr.) Briq. Europe See Barkworth 1997
Thinopyrum runemarkii Á. Löve     Islands in the Aegean; known only from seeds grown in cultivation  
Thinopyrum sartorii (Boiss. & Heldr.) Á. Löve   Triticum sartorii (Boiss. & Heldr.) Boiss. & Heldr.    
Thinopyrum scirpeum (C. Presl) D.R. Dewey   Agropyron scirpeum C. Presl; Agropyron elongatum var. scirpeum (C. Presl) Fiori; Elytrigia scirpea (C. Presl) Holub