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Note: Records in green were included in the list provided by Dr. Yen Chi on November 17, 2005. The citations, which he also provided, are for the place of publication of the genomic information. [May 2009: I still have not added all the species that are included in the genus]..

This genus is sometimes included in Elymus. Yen et al. (2005) advocate its recognition and restriction to species having a genomic constitution of StY. Please send corrections to me.

Mary Barkworth, May 2009

Home Page; genomes for perennial taxa whose genomic constitution has been determined either cytogenetically or via a molecular study of some kind.

Synopsis of Roegneria, sensu Yen et al. 2005

Roegneria caucasica C. Koch
Type species

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Roegneria abolinii C. Koch 28 StY Dewey 1980; Jensen 1989  
Roegneria alashanica Keng
Roegneria aliena Keng
Roegneria altaica (D.F. Cui) L.B. Cai        
Roegneria altissima Keng
28 StY
Lu and Bothmer 1993
Roegneria amurensis (Drob.) Nevski
28 StY
Dewey 1964; Lu et al. 1988
Roegneria angusta L.B. Cai        
Roegneria angustiglumis (Nevski) Nevski
Roegneria anthosachnoides Keng
Roegneria anthosachnoides Keng var. anthosachnoides 28 StY Lu 1993; Lu and Bothmer 1993  
Roegneria anthosachnoides var. scabrilemma L.B. Cai        
Roegneria antiqua (Nevski) J.L. Yang et al.        
Roegneria antiqua (Nevski) J.L. Yang et al. var. antiqua        
Roegneria antiqua var. parvigluma (Nevski) J.L. Yang et al. 28 StY Lu and Bothmer 1990  
Roegneria arcuata (Golosk.) Golosk.
Roegneria barbicalla Ohwi
Roegneria barbicalla var. barbicalla
28 StY
Lu and Bothmer 1993
Roegneria barbicalla var. breviseta Keng
Roegneria barbicalla var. pubifolia Keng
Roegneria barbicalla var. pubinodis Keng
Roegneria boriana (Meld.) J.L. Yang et al.
Lu 1993
Roegneria brachypoides Nevski
Roegneria breviglumis Keng
Lu 1993
Roegneria brevipes Keng
Lu 1993
Roegneria burchan-buddae (Nevski) J.L. Yang et al.        
Roegneria burjatica Sipl.
Roegneria buschiana (Roshev.) Nevski
Tsvelev 1976
Roegneria calcicola Keng
Roegneria cacumina (B.R. Lu & B. Salomon) L.B. Cai 28 StY Le et al. 1993  
Roegneria canaliculata (Nevski) Ohwi

Roegneria caucasica C. Koch

28 StY
Jensen et al. 1991; Lu et al. 1993
Roegneria cheniae L.B. Cai        
Roegneria ciliaris (Trin.) Nevski
Roegneria ciliaris (Trin.) Nevski var. ciliaris
28 StY
Lu et al. 1988
Roegneria ciliaris var. japonensis (Honda) Yen et al..        
Roegneria ciliaris var. hackeliana (Honda) L.B. Cai        
Roegneria ciliaris var. lasiophylla (Kitag.) Kitag.
Roegneria ciliaris var. submutica (Honda) Keng
Roegneria ciliata (Trin.) Nevski
Roegneria confusa (Roshev.) Nevski        
Roegneria crassa L.B. Cai        
Roegneria curvata (Nevski) Nevski        
Roegneria curvata (Nevski) Nevski var. curvata     Liu and Dewey 183  
Roegneria curvata var. macrolepis Drob.        
Roegneria dentata (Hook. f.) Nevski        
Roegneria dolichatera Keng 28 StY Lu 1992  
Roegneria drobovii (Nevski) Nevski        
Roegneria dura (Keng) Keng 28 StY Lu 1993  
Roegneria duthei (Meld.) J.L. Yang et al. 28   Lu 1993  
Roegneria elytrigioides Yen & Yang        
Roegneria fedtschenkoi (Tzvelev) J.L. Yang & Yen        
Roegneria flexuosa L.B. Cai        
Roegneria foliosa Keng        
Roegneria formosana (Honda) Ohwi        
Roegneria formosana (Honda) Ohwi var. formosana        
Roegneria formosana var. longiaristata Keng        
Roegneria formosana var. pubigera Keng        
Roegneria glaberrima Keng & S.L. Chen 28   Lu et al. 1988  
Roegneria glaucifolia Keng 42 StSt? Lu et al. 1988  
Roegneria gmelinii (Ledeb.) Kitagawa        
Roegneria gmelinii (Ledeb.) Kitagawa var. gmelinii 28 StY Jensen and Hatch 1989  
Roegneria gmelinii var. macranthera (Ohwi) J.L. Yang et al.        
Roegneria gmelinii var. pohuashanensis Keng 28 StY    
Roegneria gmelinii var. tenuiseta (Ohwi) J.L. Yang et al.        
Roegneria × gracilis L.B. Cai        
Roegneria grandis Keng 28 StY Zhang et al. 1998  
Roegneria hackeliana (Honda) Nakai        
Roegneria himalayana Nevski        
Roegneria hirtiflora C.P. Wang & H.L. Yang        
Roegneria hondaii Kitag. 28 StY Sun et al. 1991  
Roegneria hondaiiKitagawa var. hondae        
Roegneria hondaii var. fascinata Keng        
Roegneria hondaii var. longiaristata Keng        
Roegneria hondaii var. pubigera Keng        
Roegneria hongyuanensis L.B. CAi        
Roegneria humilis Keng & S.L. Chen        
Roegneria hybrida Keng