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Trikeraia is a genus of 4 species that ranges from northern Pakistan to western China. All its species grow above 3000 m.

Trikeraia resembles Stephanachne, Duthiea, and Sinochasea in having deeply bilobed lemmas. None of its members have a rachilla extension; one species resembles Stephanachne in having a ring of hairs about 5 mm long neat the top. The ovaries are glabrous and have two style branches. In this last, they differ from Sinochasea.

A species of California, currently called Achnatherum stillmanii, appears to be very similar to Trikeraia.

Four species have been described. The account in the Flora of China recognizes only three, T. tianschanica being treated as a synonym of T. oreophila.

Taxon Synonyms Distribution
T. hookeri (Stapf) Bor Stipa hookeri Stapf; Achnatherum hookeri (Stapf) Keng; Timouria aurita Hitchc.
T. hookeri var. hookeri Kashmir, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet,
T. hookeri var. ramosa China (Qinghai, Xizang).
T. oreophila T. Cope T. tianshanica S.L. Lu & X.F. Lu Bhutan; China (Xinjiang, Xizang); India (Sikkim) [Including T. tianshanica]
T. pappiformis Stipa pappiformis Tibet, China (Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan, Xizang, Yunnan)