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Generic Synopsis

The table below was developed to obtain a better idea of the size of the Stipeae. There are undoubtedly some omitted taxa and some that have inadvertently been counted twice. It is based on may different sources, many of which reflect different taxonomic treatments. I have attempted to account for differences in generic treatment but have not attempted to resolve conflicts in species delimitation. The generic treatment adopted is clearly preliminary and personal. I do not consider Stipa sects. Ptilostipa and Pappostipa should be included in Stipa; I am also not convinced that they belong in Jarava.

Despite all these shortcomings, it is evident that the Stipeae is a large tribe, with considerably more species than the 400 or so indicated in Clayton and Renvoize 1986.


Achnatherum 59
Amelichloa 5
Ampelodesmos 1
Anamanthele 1
Anatherostipa 11
Austrostipa 62
Celtica 1
Duthiea 3
Hesperostipa 5
Jarava s.s. 30
Macrochloa 1
Nassella 115
Ortachne 3
Orthoraphium 1
Oryzopsis 1
Stipa sect. Pappostipa 23
Piptatherum 39
Piptochaetium 36
Psammochloa 1
Ptilagrostis 13
Sinochasea 1
Stephanachne 3
Stipa sect. Ptilostipa 4
Stipa 96
Trikeraia 3
Overall Size 516