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A tribe of grasses that is also known as "The great, the glorious, the Stipeae." Unfortunately, I have no funding to work on this wondrous group. Because no funding also means no time, these pages will grow slowly and be rather dull in their format. They may, however, eventually serve as a useful source of information about this wonderful tribe.

The checklist is based on work I did many years ago. The generic listings provide more information about the genera concerned. I have begun to review each of them (Nov. 26, 2006) with a view to providing the synopsis of the tribe. The lack of agreement on generic limits in the tribe is a problem, but it seems better to update the generic lists than complete the checklist.

I recognize that not everyone agrees with the generic treatment that I prefer, but hope that others will find the information that they need. If anyone wishes to develop a site with alternative treatments, I would be happy to provide a link to it.

Mary Barkworth (

November 24, 2004[table of chromosome numbers initiated]