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Specimen Database

The Intermountain Herbarium began data basing its specimen information in 1990, using Alpha Database Software. We now use the SYMBIOTA database software via 4 portals:

Vascular plants – (
Fungi – (
Lichens – (
Bryophytes – (

As of November, 2018, we have 171,465 records in the database. This represents 60.9% of the specimens in the Herbarium. Of the databased records, 26% are of Utah specimens and 21% are of grasses. About 39% of the databased records are georeferenced (have latitude and longitude information), an essential for mapping distributions, and about 47% are imaged.

Our priority for entering specimens into the database are:

  1. specimens involved in a herbarium transaction (additions, annotations, loan preparation or return)
  2. Utah specimens

Our records are made available via the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and idigbio (

See Holdings page for graph of database and collection growth