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The majority of fungal specimens in the Intermountain Herbarium are from the western United States - an estimated 74%. Utah specimens currently comprise over 50% of the specimens currently held.

The fungal collection has benefited by donation or transfer of a number of collections. These specimens have come from primarily four sources: transfer of most of the Univeristy plant and forest pathology teaching collection; a large gift of duplicates from the University of Michigan Herbarium and Dr. Robert Fogel; donation of the personal collection of Michael Piep; and collections from Don Johnston of the Mushroom Society of Utah.

The Intermountain Herbarium has been designated the official repository of voucher collections for both the Bridgerland Mushroom Society and the Utah Mushroom Society.

The collection comprises a large percentage of plant pathogens, reflecting the agricultural origins of Utah State University. These specimens come from five continents and 30 countries. A portion of the plant and forest pathology teaching collection has been transferred to the Herbarium and is currently being incorporated into the collection as time and resources permit. There are a large number of hypogeous collections reflecting the interest of Dr. Robert Fogel in these fascinating and ecologically important species.

Lichenized fungi and Myxomycetes comprise a very small portion of the holdings (less than 350 specimens). All of our myxomytes have been databased and we are currently working on the lichenized fungi as resources permit.

There is one cabinet of type specimens. We are currently reviewing the status of all specimens in the cabinets, removing those that are not truly types. For those that are types, we are noting which kind of type they are and placing a copy of the relevant publication in the reprint section of the Herbarium library. Once completed the listing will be available on the Web.