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Mary Barkworth

Associate Professor of Biology

Teaching Responsibilities: Plant Taxonomy (Biology 3400, Winter Semester); Plants and fungi in the field 2410 (May)

Research Related Responsibilities: Manual of Grasses for North America; Systematics of Stipeae; Systematics of Triticeae.

Director, Intermountain Herbarium. Responsibilities: Ensure the continued development of the collection in the Intermountain Herbarium; Increase the value and functionality of the Intermountain Herbarium for research, teaching, and public education.

Contact Information

Regular Mail Address:

Intermountain Herbarium
Department of Biology
Utah State University
5305 Old Main Hill
Logan, Utah 84322-5305

Email Address:

Office phone: 435-797-1584

FAX phone: 435-797-1575

Current Projects

Flora North America volumes 24 and 25 and Manual of Grasses for the Continental United States and Canada [FNA 25 will be published in 2003] Triticeae, Stipeae (currently more inactive than I like because of the Manual). Intermountain Herbarium

Biographical Information

Born: England, a very long time ago


High School: Berkhamsted School for Girls (Thank you for the excellent start)

B.Sc. 1961. University of British Columbia (Majors: Mathematics and Physics)

M.Ed. 1968. Western Washington University (General Science Education; a great institution - and where I took my first botany class. Thank you).

Ph.D. 1975. Washington State University (Major Botany, minor Biochemistry)

Employment History

Teacher, General Science and Mathematics, grades 8-10 in Elizabeth Fisher Junior Secondary School and Alpha Junior Secondary School

Research Scientist, Biosystematics Research Institute (name has been changed 10,000 times since I left), Agriculture Canada

Faculty Member, Utah State University

Selected Publications