The table below indicates where and when changes have been made in the Names and Synonyms file for the Grass Manual Project. We regret that we do not have the time or resources to develop links between the changes and their location in the synonymy file, nor to explain in detail the changes that have been made. We started using the table in November, 2004.

Mary Barkworth



May 9, 2007 Trisetum projectum added as a new species
April 18, 2007 two species in Panicum moved to new genera (Hopia and Zuloagaea)
April 18, 2007 Urochloa maxima changed to Mergathyrsus maximus
early to mid-November, 2004 additions and changes to Calamagrostis and Puccinellia
November 24, 2004 added Rytidosperma caespitosa and Rytidosperma richardsonii
December 6, 2004 additions and changes to Festuca
December 15, 2004 addition to Bromus
February 9, 2005 corrected spelling of authority's surname to "Seidl" (was misspelled as "Seidel") ; Achnatherum speciosum now Jarava speciosa
February 16, 2005 added Bromus danthoniae
February 24, 2005 corrected typographic errors in several entries, and minor synonymy inconsistencies in Calamagrostis, Dichanthelium, Distichlis, Panicum, and Elymus
March 9, 2005 Lachnagrostis and Podagrostis separated from Agrostis; added Zizania latifolia
March 29, 2005 added Hierochloë hirta and made related synonymy changes; other changes for this genus may be forthcoming
April 4, 2005 Calamagrostis cinnoides changed to a synonym for C. coarctata; Gastridium lendigerum added as synonym
April 12, 2005 additions to Brachyelytrum synonyms
June 14, 2005 changes in Hierochloë synonymy; Brachiaria eruciformis renamed Moorochloa eruciformia
June 30, 2005 changes in Bromus synonymy
August 8, 2005 Agropyron desertorum changed to a synonym for Agropyron cristatum; additions and changes in various genera of the Bambuseae
September 1, 2005 Glyceria arkansana and G. laxa reduced to varieties
September 13, 2005 changes in and additions to Poa synonymy
September 28, 2005 additional changes in Bromus synonymy
October 14, 2005 additions to Elymus synonymy
October 24, 2005 added Bromus hallii
November 8, 2005 changes in and additions to Elymus synonymy
November 23, 2005 added Phippsia concinna to synonymy and maps
November 28, 2005 added Glyceria alnasteretum to synonymy and maps
December 13, 2005 changes in Poa synonymy; added Sporobolus pyramidalis; added Amelichloa
January 3, 2006 subspecies added in Achnatherum parishii; the Aveneae and Hainardeae now included in the Poeae
January 23, 2006 changes in Arundinaria and Brachypodium synonymy
February 6, 2006 minor changes in Bromus and Calamagrostis synonymy
February 28, 2006 Hierochloë species now synonyms of Anthoxanthum
March 15, 2006 added new synonym to Puccinellia
March 23, 2006 changes in Deschampsia synonymy
April 27, 2006 added combinations for Triticeae hybrids
May 11, 2006 change in Brachypodium synonymy
May 22, 2006 added new species to Amphibromus
July 5, 2006 added subspecies to Piptatherum miliaceum
July 13, 2006 miscellaneous additions and changes to various species in the tribes Stipeae and Triticeae; Poa hartzii var. vivipara now a synonym
July 18, 2006 miscellaneous minor spelling, authority, etc. errors corrected
July 27, 2006 synonymy changes in Elymus
August 28, 2006 more Triticeae hybrids added; additional changes in Elymus
September 6, 2006 added subspecies to Leymus
September 19, 2006 several spelling and authority errors corrected; subgenera and sections added to Bromus and Festuca
October 4, 2006 changed Alopecurus borealis to A. magellanicus
October 12, 2006 reduced number of genera and species to be treated in the Bambuseae and Olyreae
October 20, 2006 changes in Deschampsia synonymy
October 27, 2006 various typographical errors orrected
November 13, 2006 Agropyron subsecundum var. andinum added as a synonym