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Biol 2410: Identifying Plant Families

Family Barkworth's Handy Hints
1 1 Asteraceae Inflorescence a head
2 2 Poaceae Blade, ligule, sheath - sheath usually open. Round stems 
3 3 Brassicaceae Four petals, 6 stamens; fruit silique or silicle 
4 4 Cyperaceae Drab flowers, spirally arranged; 3-angled stems
5 5 Fabaceae "Pea type flower": Upper and 2 side petals separate, lower 2 petals lightly fused around the sexual parts; fruit a legume (i.e., a pea pod)
6 6 Scrophulariaceae Corolla united, bilaterally symmetric; ovary superior; stamens usually <5
7 6 Rosaceae Many stamens, hypanthium, often stipules 
8 7 Ranunculaceae Many stamens, no hypanthium, no stipules, usually >1 pistil
9 8 Boraginaceae Corolla united, radially symmetric; fruit 4 nutlets
10 9 Caryophyllaceae Corolla of separate petals, radially symmetric; style divided to ovary; leaves opposite
11 10 Apiaceae Inflorescence an umbel; swollen petiole base; inferior ovary; leaves alternate; herbaceous
12 10 Polygonaceae Perianth whorls poorly differentiated; sheathing stipules; fruit a 3-sided achene
13 11 Liliaceae 6 poorly differentiated perianth segments; 6 stamens; superior ovary
14 12 Chenopodiaceae Perianth absent or neglible at flowering time, calyx sometimes conspicuous in fruit; 2 style branches; "mealy" deposits; often in alkaline soils
15 13 Onagraceae Four separate petals, often on a hypanthium; 8 stamens; inferior ovary
16 14 Lamiaceae Corolla united, bilaterally symmetric; fruit 4 nutlets; smelly; leaves opposite, stems square
17 15 Polemoniaceae Corolla united, radially symmetric; style 3-branched at top; ovary with 3-locules
18 16 Salicaceae Catkins; dioecious; fruit a capsule with lots of seeds each with tufts of hairs; stipules (but they fall off)
19 17 Juncaceae Grasslike plants but with a perianth of 6 parts and 3 style branches.
20 17 Caprifoliaceae Corolla united, slightly to strongly bilaterally symmetric; leaves opposite; plants woody
21 18 Saxifragaceae Naked stem with panicle, all leaves basal. Corolla of 5 separate petals; stamens 10 or fewer; hypanthium
22 19 Orchidaceae Corolla of 6 parts, bilaterally symmetric; ovary inferior; no obvious stamens
23 20 Solanaceae Corolla united, usually radially symmetric; calyx united, at least at the base; ovary superior; style not branched; ovary with 2 locules
24 21 Malvaceae Stamens lots, united by their filaments into a tube. Often with stellate hairs.
25 21 Euphorbiaceae Weird! We have only Euphorbia. Look for a 3-lobed capsule topped by a 3-lobed stigma protruding from a cyathium
31 28 Hydrophyllaceae Corolla united, radially symmetric; ovary superior; style with 2 branches; calyx of separate sepals
32 29 Gentianaceae Corolla united, radially symmetric; style unbranched; ovary with 1 locule
36 31 Grossulariaceae Hypanthium; petals smaller or less colorful than sepals; ovary inferior
37 31 Violaceae Corolla of separate petals, bilaterally symmetric, spurred; weird anthers.
41 33 Asclepiadaceae Weird flower - think pentagon; milky juice; fruit a capsule with lots of seeds, each with a tuft of hairs
43 33 Geraniaceae Corolla of separate petals, radially symmetric; 5 style branches, 15 stamens; styles elongate in fruit
45 33 Betulaceae Staminate flowers in catkins; pistillate flowers in all kinds of arrangement but no evident perianth; plants woody, monoecious
50 34 Valerianaceae Corolla united, bilaterally symmetric; ovary inferior; plants herbaceous; calyx gorgeous in fruit


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