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The Open Herbarium

Warning: This page, and those linked to it, are not under active development at present

The Open Herbarium is my newest name for what was once the Virtual Herbarium and later the Pacific Northwest Virtual Herbarium. Its goal is to make, so far as is possible, the resources of a major herbarium available to all taxonomists, and to encourage members of the public to increase their understanding of plants. In pursuing these goals, the Open Herbarium will endeavor to draw attention to the importance of herbaria and taxonomists in developing an understanding of a region's floristic diversity.

Development of the Open Herbarium will be a collaborative endeavor, drawing together the efforts of taxonomists at many different institutions. Because we have no funding at present, it is being developed largely through links rather than an overarching knowledge structure. This page will provide links to various resources.

Floras A list of major floras for the Pacific Northwest that are currently in routine use. These would serve as a guideline for determining which names we need to account for in nomenclatural discussions.