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Intermountain Herbarium Holdings: Slides Collection

The Intermountain Herbarium houses a photographic slide collection of over 1,000 slides. These are used in teaching and in making presentations. They are made available on loan to local students and faculty. Most of the images on this Web site are made from these slides; a few are from digital images and hence, are not represented by a photographic slide.

Lamium amplexicaule. Photograph by R.J. Shaw
Lamium amplexicaule; photograph by R.J. Shaw

The initial development of the slides collection was funded by the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station. Most of the original slides were taken by Dr. R.J. Shaw, who provided voucher specimens for each of his photographs. The collection has since been augmented by other photographers, not all of whom have provided voucher specimens.

Anyone interested in determining whether the Intermountain Herbarium has a slide of a particular species should send an inquiry to Mary Barkworth. We do not have the resources to catalog the collection, nor to scan the entire collection.

Picture of an Apocynaceae plant. Photographer unknown.