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Barkworth (30%)

  1. Convert the existing database, which uses Alpha Database Software, to Access 2000. This will require learning to use Access 2000, converting the tables and, more importantly, reconstructing the various views, forms, reports, and queries in Access. There are three major advantages to making the conversion:
    1. It will enable us to make more effective use of the Biology Department's computer support personnel. These individuals are familiar with Access 2000 and Visual Basic, but not Alpha Software;
    2. It will enable us to make the label preparation program Web accessible;
    3. It will make it easier to place the information in the herbarium database on the Web.
  2. Develop, in consultation with the Collections Manager, one or two plant identification workshops. These will be offered only if there is sufficient interest to cover the organization costs and generate a surplus that can be used for general herbarium operations. PLAN CANCELLED. Manual deadlines more important.
  3. Develop outlines for workshops on identification of graminoids and wetland species that will attract a paying clientele. PLAN CANCELLED. Manual deadlines more important.

Davis (100%). Davis resigned from the Collections' Manager position on April 28, 1999. The planned workshop has been cancelled.

  1. Supervise students working on the herbarium's routine activities and special projects.
  2. Complete the identification of and label preparation for plant specimens collected during the 1999 field season.
  3. Continue collection activities in Utah and Idaho.
  4. Respond to inquiries and requests for plant identifications and information from the herbarium's resources.
  5. Continue working with the herbarium databases to ensure that accurate and complete information is entered.
  6. Develop the materials required for a workshop on flowering plant identification.