Fun Facts About Fungi

Construct a Checklist* from the MICH Fungus Collection

*The number of times a species name is repeated in the checklist indicates how commonly the species is collected.


Follow the three steps below. When you have entered all the information, click on the "Submit Query" button at the bottom. To submit additional searches, click on "Reset" button, then re-enter search terms and click "Submit Query" button again.

1. Select Number of Records to Display (default=10)

   Number of Records to Show?   

2. Enter a Location, Host, Habitat, or Substrate

States and/or Provinces of USA and Canada
Location (Mount Rainier; Isle Royale; Ann Arbor)
Host/Habitat/Substrate (use LIKE *bog*; LIKE *pinus*, LIKE *wood*)

Do not specify USA or Canada if State or Province is selected in box above.


3. Submit Query to Database

Search may take as long as 30 seconds!

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