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Plants perennial, loosely cespitose, sometimes shortly stoloniferous.Culms 10-35 cm tall, 0.7-1 mm thick, prostrate to ascending; branching intra- and extravaginal; internodes smooth, glaucous.

Basal leaves: sheaths striate, retrorsely pubescent, glabrous, sometimes with a few long hairs; auricles absent or a short lobe, sometimes with 1-2 hairs up to 1.5 mm long; collar thickened, glabrous or shortly hairy; ligule 0.3-0.5 mm, erose or finely toothed; blade 5-15 cm long, 0.5-0.7 mm in diameter, more or less terete, involute, keeled but only faintly ribbed, falcate, sinuous or irregularly curled or more or less straight; abaxial surface glaucous with scattered to abundant stiff, straight erect to retrorse hais 0.1-1 mm long, becoming glabrous OR pubescent below and becoming glabrous OR glabrous throughout, adaxial surface abundantly hairy and/or with prickle teeth, margins scabrous or with hairs to 0.5 mm.

Inflorescence 2-10 cm long, 1-4 spikelets; rachis smooth and glabrous on the surfaces, often also on the margins; middle internodes 7-10 mm.

Spikelets solitary, tangential to the rachis, 40-50 mm long, with 4-6 florets.

Glumes more or less equal, 4-9 mm long, 0.6-0.8 mm wideglabrous, keeled, 3-veined, margins chartaceous, sometimes awned. Lemmas pruinose, mostly smooth but scabrous on the lower margins and the distal portion of the keel, awned, awns 30-50 mm, reflexed, pruinose. Palea 7-10 mm, tip pointed, bifid. Anthers 2.4-2.5 mm long, yellow.


Caryopsis 6-6.5 mm long; embryo about 1 mm.



NEW ZEALAND: South Island, inland Waimakariri, Ashburton, Waitaki, and Taieri Basins.


Dry, open short tussock grassland, river beds, and rocky sites.


2n = 42, presumably StWY

Other treatments

Treated as Elymus falcis in Edgar and Connors (2002) Flora of New Zealand.

Formal citation of name

Anthosachne falcis (Connor) ined.

The combination for this species in Anthosache has not yet been published. It is in a manuscript that Barkworth and Jacobs will submit shortly.


Edgar, E. and H.E. Connor. 2000. Flora of New Zealand, volume 5. Grasses. Manaaki Whenua Press, Lincoln, New Zealand.