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Distinguishing features

Annual plants.


Plants annual. Culms 3-40 cm, geniculate.

Inflorescences spikelike, 0.8-4.5 cm long; middles internodes 0.5-3 mm; disarticulation either in the rachis, at the nodes beneath each spikelet, or below the florets.

Spikelets solitary, trangential to the axis, 6-25 mm long, more than 3 times the length of the adjacent internode, with 2-5 bisexual florets, sterile florets distal or absent.

Glumes 4-19 mm, including the awns, coriaceous, becoming indurate, 1-keeled, keels glabrous or hairy, never with tufts of hair. Lemmas 5-24 mm long, coriaceous, unawned or shortly awned. Paleas usually shorter and thinner than the lemmas. Anthers 0.4-1.3 mm.


Frederiksen, S. 1991. Taxonomic studies in Eremopyrum (Poaceae). Nordic J. Bot. 11:271–285

3 species eremopyrum