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For the first time in many years there will be a state botanical foray. This year it is being hosted by the Intermountain Herbarium and (of course) the Utah Native Plant Society.

This year we have chosen the Grouse Creek and Raft River Mountains for our focus area. There is a wide variety of habitats and soil substrates that can be found, as well as a number of plant species that enter the state only in this remote corner of our state.

The purpose is to gain knowledge of the botanical anf fungal diversity of the area by making collections for research. We hope that in future years other herbaria in the state will be interested in hosting the foray on a rotating basis.


  • Thursday June 27 thru Sunday June 30

Where: Rosebud Fieldstation (approx. 61 miles WSW of Snowville off HWY 30)


You are responcible for any camping/ collecting gear as well as your meals during the foray.

Fee: None - but we wouldn't say no to any donations to help defray the herbarium's costs

Registration: Begins NOW!

More info here!

Interested? Contact Michael Piep at (435) 797-0061 by June 14, 2013 - or by email until June 25.

Picture of Polyporus squamosus. Photo by Michael Piep.