The following links are to flash presentations on various topics relating to SYMBIOTA portals. I hope they are helpful. Please send any comments, criticisms, or suggestions to me.

Mary Barkworth


An overview of what SYMBIOTA portals provide and how they provide it.

Registering with a SYMBIOTA portal

Contributing images to a SYMBIOTA portal.

Using SYMBIOTA to prepare labels

Making a Teaching Checklist

Wildflower photography

Steve Hegji, of the Utah Native Plant Society, has published several articles on wild flower photography in the society's newsletter. The following links are to issues in which he has an article. They are well worth reading. Actually, all the issues have several interesting articles. If you like plants and live in Utah, consider joining the society!

Use this checklist to improve your pictures.

Dealing with the desert sun.

Distraction subtraction