Posting a Teaching Checklist

  1. 1. Create the list as a *.csv file. This can be done using "Save as" in most spreadsheet programs.

  2. First row contains following column names (in any order): sciname (required), family (optional), habitat (optional), abundance (optional), notes (optional).

  1. 2. Login and go to "My profile". Under "Species checklist", go to the bottom of the page and provide information about your new checklist. Be sure to make it "Public" [field near the bottom, with options]. Click "create checklist".

  2. 3. You will now have a page that provides two options in the lower of the two yellow boxes on the right - adding names one by one or - right at the bottom - batch upload a spreadsheet. Choose "Batch upload" (it is much the easiest). It will bring up a page that explains what to do to put the checklist in your profile.

If you mispelled a name in your checklist, it will not be uploaded and you will be given an error message. Entering the family means you can override the system default - for instance, treat Penstemon as being in the Scrophulariaceae rather than the Plantaginaceae.

4. To make it a TEACHING Checklist, click on "Teaching checklist in the left hand box. If you have the necessary permissions, it will bring up a list of all those available - with a pencil in the top right corner. Click on the pencil.

  1. 5. The page brought up will have two tabs. Select "Checklist management". This is where you can add or delete lists. In the "Add" portion, choose the checklist you just added to your profile and click "add checklist".

That's it.