Herbarium Internship
An opportunity to increase your knowledge
(Potential credits: 1-3)

The Intermountain Herbarium is an outstanding research resource for those working with plants in the Intermountain Region or those those working with grasses from North America. Maintaining this resource requires considerable effort. Basic work includes specimen preparation and entering their data into the herbarium’s database. Along the way, you will learn about different plant groups and the herbarium’s resources.

Potential foci

  1. General assistance - we shall rotate students with no particular interest among the various activities so as to maximize their learning.
  2. Enter data from Utah specimens into the database so we can provide more accurate information on plant distributions in Utah.
  3. Develop “Species pages” about individual species.
  4. Develop interactive keys for representative genera.

Interested? Contact Dr. Mary Barkworth (mary@biology.usu.edu). The first two activ-ities require only an interest in plants - no experience or coursework. The last two require at least one taxonomically oriented course. Their results must be suitable for Web presentation.

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