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Plant collecting 

Identifying specimens

Identifying trees in northern Utah

Fun facts about Fungi

Some of the following botanical resources have been developed for Utah's K-12 science core curriculum by the Intermountain Herbarium, Utah State University, Logan, Utah; others have been developed elsewhere but will also benefit teachers, particularly those in Utah.

Plant Classification (this site is in the early stages of development) Visit this site to find out about how plants are classified into groups and see some examples of each group.

Plant Collecting Visit this site to find out how to make a plant collection. It was developed by Betty Jacobs of The Technical University of Sydney, Australia. Links to other sites providing somewhat similar information

Identifying Trees - This site shows how to identify trees, with a simple, illustrated key to the trees of northern Utah.  It was developed by Mike Kuhn's of USU's extension department.

Fun facts about Fungi - The name speaks for itself.  Developed by Robert Fogel.  

Great Plant Escape - a site developed by the University of Illinois Extension.


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