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Utah's Mosses: Illustrated keys to the genera (15 pages, 17MB; if link does not work properly, send email request)

Spore-bearing vascular plants

Lycophyte & Monilophyte families

Lycophyte families; Isoetes; Selaginella;

Monilophytes: Dennstaedtiaceae; Dryopteridaceae; Marsileaceae; Polypodiaceae; Pteridaceae; Salviniaceae; Woodsiaceae

Adiantum; Argyrochosma; Asplenium; Athyrium; Botrychium; Cheilanthes; Cryptogramma; Cystopteris; Equisetum;Marsilea; Pellaea; Polystichum; Pteris; Salvinia; Woodsia

Spore-bearing vascular plants

  Seed-bearing groups (angiosperms, cycads, gingkos, and pinopsids) Gymnosperms, native and cultivated.

Cycadopsida (external - includes multi-access key); Pinopsida; Cupressidae

Cupressaceae; Pinaceae


Cycadopsida (external -includes directed-choice key)

Angiosperms: Major groups    

Monocots (to genera so far, grasses to tribe only)

Grasses (to genera)

Monocot Families; Alismataceae; Amaryllidaceae; Araceae; Asparagaceae; Bromeliaceae; Cyperaceae; grass tribes; Iridaceae; Liliaceae; Melanthiaceae; Orchidaceae; Xanthorrhoeaceae Carex (external)
Adoxaceae; Plantaginaceae; Scrophulariaceae