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Grass Manual and Flora of North America Grass Volumes: Publication Plans

Flora of North America Volumes

The first of the two volumes for the Flora of North America series was submitted to Oxford University Press on March 1, 2003, and published in May, 2003. We had hoped to use a publication program that would have facilitated multi-channel publication, but this was too costly. Consequently, publication-ready copy for volume 25 was prepared in Quark. We learned a lot about what to do, and what not to do. This will help make preparation of publication-ready copy for volume 24, should we obtain the funds for completing it, more efficient.

Flora of North America, volume 24. This volume is being edited but securing the funds to complete it is proving extremely difficult.

Manual of Grasses for North America

This will be a single volume publication covering the taxa in both of the two FNA volumes. The reduction is size will be achieved by eliminating literature citations, using abbreviations, reducing the nomenclatural information in the indices, and eliminating descriptions, illustrations and maps for waif species. If this still leaves the manuscript too large, the descriptions will be reduced so that only characters useful in identification are included.

Our plan is to publish the Manual through Utah State University Press.

Picture of Achnatherum. Photographer unknown.