This is a list of plants found in Tony Grove, a popular picnicking, hiking, and swimming area in the Bear River Range, about 25 mi east of Logan.  The center of attraction is a small lake.  This is partly natural, but increased in size by a small dam. [2005-2006: lake has been drained to permit repair of the dam]. The lake, when full, is used for fishing, canoeing, and just lolling around in.  Power boats are banned.  The area around, which is a cirque, is itself spectacular in addition to haveing a breathtaking array of plants. It is a standard field trip for all visitors to Logan.  Despite this, finding a listing of all the plants around the lake in existence has not been easy.  The list below is compiled from lists developed by the Bridgerland Audubon Society and Utah Native Plant Society.  It is VERY incomplete.  There will eventually be 5 tables, one for bryophytes (mosses and liverworts), one for ferns and other spore-bearing vascular plants, one for gymnosperms (conifers), and one for angiosperms (flowering plants). in the angiosperm table, the monocot families are listed after the dicots. All the tables need work, but the first two have the greatest need! 

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: The herbarium would love to have a more complete listing of the plants at Tony Grove.  Being a herbarium, we have to adhere to certain standards, one of which is that we cannot say a species is present in an area unless there is a specimen to document that fact.  There are many many specimens from Tony Grove in  the herbarium. To minimize impact on the flora, the first step in developing a more complete list would be to database information from all our existing specimens. If any one would be interested in helping do this, please contact Mary Barkworth ( or 797-1584) or Michael Piep ( or 797-0061).  Yes, we would encourage you to look at and learn to know the species as you enter the data.  We could also link pictures to the names.  


Marchantiacae Marchantia polymorpha Marchantia


Polypodiaceae Cystopteris fragilis Brittle Bladder Fern
  Pellaea breweri Brewer Cliffbrake


Pinaceae Abies lasiocarpa Subalpine fir
  Picea engelmannii Engelmann Spruce
  Pinus flexilis Limber Pine


Aceraceae Acer glabrum Rocky Mountain Maple
Apiaceae Angelica pinnata Pinnate angelica
  Heracleum sphondylium Cow parsnip
  Ligusticum filicinum  
  Lomatium foeniculaceum Desert Parsley
  Lomatium kingii Stinking lomatium
  Orogenia linearifolia Indian potato
  Osmorhiza occidentalis Licorice Sweet Cicely
Apocynaceae Apocynum androsaemifolium Spreading dogbane
  Apocynum cannabinum Hemp dogbane
Asteraceae Achillea millefolium Yarrow
  Antennaria microphylla Rosy pussytoes
  Arnica cordifolia heartleaf arnica
  Arnica latifolia (? - no specimen made)  
  Artemisia dracunculus Tarragon
  Artemisia spiciformis Big sagebrush
  Aster englemannii Engelmann's aster
  Aster glaucodes Blueleaf aster
  Aster integrifolius Thickstem aster
  Balsamorhiza macrophylla Bigleaf balsamroot
  Balsamorhiza sagittata Arrowleaf balsamroot
Brickellia grandiflora Large-flowered brickelbush
  Chaenactis douglasii Douglas chaenactis
  Cirsium eatonii Eaton's Thistle
  Cirsium scariosum Elk thistle
  Erigeron eatonii  
  Erigeron speciosus Showy fleabane
  Helianthella uniflora Oneflowered helianthella
  Heterotheca villosa Hairy golden aster
  Hieracium cynoglossoides Houndstongue hawkweed
Machaeranthera canescens Hoary aster
  Petradoria pumila Rock goldenrod
  Rudbeckia occidentalis Western coneflower
  Senecio integerrimus Columbia groundsel
Senecio multilobatus  
Senicio serra  
Solidago nana Dwarf goldenrod
  Viguieria multiflora  
Berberidaceae Mahonia repens  Creeping Oregon Grape
Boraginaceae Hackelia micrantha Small-flowered stickseed
  Mertensia ciliata (Mountain bluebell) Mountain bluebell
Brassicaceae Cardamine cordifolia   Heartleaf cardamine
  Chlorocambe hastata Spear chlorocrambe
  Descurainia californica  
  Erysimum asperum Western wallflower
  Nasturtium officinale Watercress
  Rorippa curvipes  
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera involucrata  
  Sambucus racemosa  
  Symphoricarpos oreophilus  
Celastraceae Pachystima myrsinites  
Crassulaceae Sedum lanceolatum  
Eleagnaceae Shepherdia canadensis  
Fabaceae Lupinus argenteus (Silver lupin)  
Gentianaceae Frasera speciosa [= Swertia radiata] Green gentian
Geraniaceae Geranium richardsonii  
  Geranium viscosissimum  
Grossulariaceae Ribes inerme  
  Ribes montigenum  
  Ribes wolfii  
Hydrophyllaceae Phacelia hastata  
  Phacelia sericea  
Lamiaceae Agastache urticifolia Horsemint
Monardella odoratissima  
Linaceae Linum perenne subsp. lewisii Wild flax
Onagraceae Epilobium angustifolium  
  Epilobium ciliatum  
Polemoniaceae Ipomopsis aggregata Scarlet Gilia
  Polemonium foliosissimum Leafy Jacob's Ladder
  Polemonium occidentale Western Jacob's Ladder
Polygonaceae Eriogonum heracleoides  
  Eriogonum umbellatum Buckwheat
  Polygonum amphibium Water smartweed
  Polygonum bistortoides Mountain Bistort
  Rumex salicifolia  
Primulaceae Dodecatheon pulchellum  
Pyrolaceae Pyrola asarifolia  
Ranunculaceae Aconitum columbianum Monkshood
  Actaea rubra Baneberry
  Aquilegia coerulea  
  Clematis columbiana Columbian clematis
  Clematis hirsutissima  
  Clematis occidentalis  
  Delphinium occidentale Tall larkspur
  Ranunculus glaberrimus  
  Ranunculus jovis  
  Thalictrum fendleri Meadow Rue
Rosaceae Amelanchier alnifolia Serviceberry
  Pentaphylloides floribunda Shrubby cinquefoil
  Potentilla glandulosa  
  Potentilla gracilis  
  Prunus virginiana  
  Rosa nutkana Nootka Rose
  Rosa woodsii (Woods rose) Woods Rose
  Sorbus scopulina  
Rubiaceae Galium aparine Bedstraw
  Galium boreale  
Salicaceae Populus tremuloides (Trembling aspen)  
  Salix spp.  
Saxifragaceae Heuchera rubescens (Red alumroot)  
  Mitella pentandra  
  Mitella stauropetala  
  Parnassia fimbriata  
  Saxifraga odontoloma Brook saxifrage
Scrophulariaceae Castilleja applegatei  
  Castilleja miniata  
  Castilleja sulphurea  
  Mimulus guttatus  
  Mimulus tilingii  
  Orthocarpus tolmei  
  Pedicularis groenlandica Elephantshead
  Pedicularis racemosa  
  Penstemon cyananthus Wasatch Penstemon
  Penstemon humilis Low penstemon
  Penstemon subglaber  
  Penstemon whippleanus Whipple's Penstemon
  Scrophularia lanceolata   Figwort
  Veronica anagallis-aquatica  Water speedwell
Valerianaceae Vaeriana edulis  
  Valeriana occidentalis   Western valerian
Violaceae Viola adunca Blue violet
  Viola nephrophylla  Kidneyleaved violet
  Viola praemorsa  
  Viola purpurea  
  Viola utahensis  
Cyperaceae Carex aquatilis Water sedge
  Carex rostrata Beaked sedge
Liliaceae Erythronium grandiflorum  Glacier lily
  Smilacina stellata
  Veratrum californicum False hellebore
Orchidaceae Habenaria dilatata White bog orchid
Poaceae Achnatherum lettermanii Letterman's stipa
  Achnatherum nelsonii Nelson's stipa
Agrostis stolonifera Redtop
  Calamagrostis neglecta?  
  Leucopoa kingii  
  Trisetum spicatum